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In Home Computer Repair (PC and Mac) Remote Help

Providing in home service at a reasonable price. See below for the in home computer repair services I provide. I serve Tierra Verde, South Pinellas county (including Gulfport, South Pasadena), St Pete Beach, Treasure Island, and Madeira Beach.

With Perfect World Consulting, your technician is Dan Harter, each and every time. No revolving door of technicians that charge you to undo something that another technician did. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with my service and my efficiency will save you money.

Virus and spyware infections are a common problem and can damage your entire system and you can lose all your important data. I can help you rid your computer of infections. I will also make sure your computer has the proper software installed to prevent future infections. Spyware can gather information about e-mail addresses, passwords, and credit card numbers and makes you vulnerable to financial loss.

Protecting the information in your computer is probably the single most important thing to do on your computer, and most overlooked. Backups will allow you to recover your information in the event of hardware failure, natural disaster, accident, or virus / spyware infection. I can assist you in setting up and monitoring a regular backup schedule to ensure you are protected when the inevitable will happen.

Keeping up to date with critical updates to your computer is vital in protecting your information and reducing your vulnerability. I can ensure your computer is fully updated and can help you understand how to keep it secure going forward. I can also assist with adding additional memory; replacing hard drives (ensuring all your data is transferred seamlessly); adding accessories such as printers, scanners, multi-function printers, etc.

Most new computers come with many unwanted programs that can affect the performance of your computer. I can assist you with removing these unneeded programs. When installing new software there usually are multiple options that you may need help understanding. I can help you understand your options and assist you to get the software installed properly without unneeded options.

Whether you need help securing your home network, setting it up for the first time, or adding additional devices to an existing network, I can work with you to get it all working flawlessly. If you are in the process of purchasing your home network, I can help you understand your options and assist you to purchase the most cost effective option based on your needs.

Learning how to understand your latest piece of technology can be a very frustrating experience. I can work with you to explain it in simple terms and help you get the most out of it.