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Hardware and software installations never seem to go right the first time. There is always one little thing that isn’t clear, or requires a decision to be made without adequate explanation. You choose one option, and then it doesn’t work when you’re done. Did you choose correctly? Are there other, hidden configuration items that need to be addressed? Here’s one example: The “default” options are almost never the right choices when setting up a printer. Right for the printer manufacturer maybe, but not right for you, the consumer.


Let me figure it out for you – that’s my strength.

  • Do you need a new printer? Which kind is best? Is there really any difference between brands? Want to be able to print from your iPad or iPhone?
  • Do you need a wireless network installed? Do you need to increase the range of your existing wireless network? Maybe you need a higher-horsepower router?
  • Do you need to share a printer between several computers?
  • Do you need to update to the newest version of Quickbooks?
  • Do you need to transfer your favorites from Internet Explorer to Firefox or Chrome?
  • Do you need help choosing a local email client?

I can help with all of these hardware and software installations – and more – Just ask!