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These days, almost every home has more than one computer. Wouldn’t it be nice to share files and printers between all of your computers? I can help you set that up by networking your home. What about accessing your files when you’re not home? There are a surprising number of networking options for that as well. I’d be happy to help you choose the one that works best for you.

Benefits of networking:

  • Sharing Files – File sharing between computers gives you more options than just carrying data between computers on a CD or Flash drive (a.k.a. “sneakernet”.)  In addition, you can use the network to backup copies of your files on a different computer.  This is perhaps one of the more imporant uses of networking in the home.
  • Sharing Files – Ok, I already used this one, but how about keeping all of your music and pictures in one place, then having them accessible by any device on the network?
  • Games many multi-player games support gaming over a home network.
  • Sharing Printers – As long as it is supported by the printer itself, any computer on the network can print to any printer on the network.  There are other devices (like scanners) that can be shared as well.