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I offer one-on-one personalized computer assistance and instruction that takes place in your home or office—at your convenience. You will learn on your computer, using your software, and working on the content of your projects—at your speed.

I teach people on both PC & Mac computers. I also teach my customers how to use their iPhone and iPad and how to integrate them with their personal computers.

Everyone learns differently and at different speeds. I will customize your tutoring sessions to fit your learning style and speed. You decide the curriculum: For the novice it could be learning to write emails, do searches on the internet, and learn basics on the word-processor. For the experienced, it could be learning how to more effectively use your applications, or learn a brand new software application for a specific project.

Working with me you will learn more effectively and efficiently because you will spend less time repeating unnecessary actions, fixing problems, or wondering why it worked before and it doesn’t work now.

Reasons to Work with a Computer Tutor:

  • You’re new to computers and don’t know where to begin.
  • You’re experienced with computers but want to learn a new software program quickly.
  • It’s not convenient for you to take a computer class.
  • You just need a quick refresher.
  • You learn slowly and computer classes always go too fast.
  • You want to review the basics and get up to speed before you enroll in a computer class.
  • You learn quickly, computer classes always go too slow for you.
  • You’ve taken computer classes, but when you get home—everything looks different and it’s confusing.
  • Computers make you nervous.
  • You don’t like to read computer manuals.
  • You have a business and want to learn how to use the computer and software applications more effectively.
  • You want to throw your computer out the window!