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Sometimes, the only way to get rid of the nastiest viruses is to erase the entire hard disk and reload the operating system from scratch with a Windows / OS X Reinstallation. This is also a great way to get rid of all of the electronic “baggage” that accumulates over the years as you install and uninstall software, create and erase files, etc. I can help you do this without losing any data.

This is an involved process, though, so shouldn’t be entered into lightly. The steps to complete a Windows / OS X Reinstallation include:

  • Perform a full hardware diagnosis to make sure there are no problems before you get started.  If hardware is failing, that has to be repaired before you go any further
  • Inventory your software to provide a record of what you have now
  • Collect any license keys for existing software (this may also involve getting installation CDs from you)
  • Backup your user data
  • Backup your system drivers
  • Erase your hard disk
  • Reformat your hard disk to start with a fresh file structure
  • Update your system  BIOS if possible
  • Reinstall Windows / OS X
  • Reinstall system drivers
  • Install all available Windows /OS X updates
  • Reinstall software
  • Restore user data
  • Test it all to make sure everything works

As you can see, Windows / OS X reinstallation is a long and involved process, which ends up costing a bit of money.  It can make your computer run a lot better, though, and may just allow you to put off replacing your computer.  Call me if you’d like to discuss the options!