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Small Business IT Services Remote Help

I specialize in the Small Office /Home Office business and provide on site IT services and computer repair at a reasonable price. Serving Tierra Verde, South Pinellas County (including but not limited to South Pasadena and Gulfport), and the South Gulf Beaches (St Pete Beach, Treasure Island, and Madeira Beach).

I recognize how critical technology is to the productivity and profitability of your business. Small businesses that lack dedicated IT support generally suffer from lack of productivity due to continued problems. Trying to solve the problems yourself, or having other staff attempt to do it, negatively affects your operations. Let a professional handle your small business IT services and it can save you money in the long run.

  • Server Installation / Configuration

An incorrectly configured server can cause disruptions in service and adversely affect the productivity of your employees and organization. I’ll work with you to diagnose and resolve the problem. If you are wanting to add your first server, I can work with you to understand the options and assist with the installation and configuration. I can also assist you in updating the server to ensure it is fully protected and configured to obtain future updates.

  • Router and Firewall Installation / Configuration

Making changes to your router and/or firewall configuration may be necessary to provide additional services to your clients or staff. Incorrectly making those changes could leave your organization vulnerable to viruses, hackers, and spyware. I can assist you with making these changes and ensure you understand the implications of doing so.

  • Backup Solutions

Lost data can result in a financial loss in addition to the data loss. Failure to recover from data loss can adversely affect the operation of your business and has the potential to be fatal to your ongoing operation. I can help you evaluate backup solutions and help you configure and test it to ensure you are protected. If you have an existing backup solution, I can review it and make an independent test of the restoration procedure to make certain you will be able to recover in the inevitable loss of data.

  • IT Consulting / Outsourcing

If you need assistance evaluating and sourcing technology, I bring a broad experience doing just that in the corporate environment. Having a BS in Accounting and an MBA in Computer Information Systems, I have an excellent ability to evaluate technical solutions while being cognizant of the financial impact.

If you need somebody to occasionally support your desktop, server, and network environment, I bring over 20 years of direct hands on experience. My ability to quickly diagnose and resolve system issues will save you money over my competitors, while providing a superior level of service.